What we offer

With our local presence and representation we provide direct contact with our clients and full understanding of the market and situation. We are prepared to meet and provide our services. Our vision is to provide solutions for each problem.

Data Cleansing

Whether you are looking to remove duplicates, create a single customer view, format, enhance or suppress your data, migrate or integrate, or implement business rules, we provide data cleansing software that will help you maintain data accuracy and provide you with complete accurate high quality trusted data.
The data you hold in your database is continually decaying and needs to be updated and cleansed on a regular basis to ensure it remains duplicate free and up to date.

IT Services

We Have been developing software solutions in collaboration with our partners in Canada and North Africa since the beginning. We have also developed Technical Partnerships with NEC Corporation and 3M Security Systems.

We are an Information Technology Solutions and a System Integrator company offering Software and Hardware Services. Our strength lies in our active partners then our employees,

Business Consulting

T.I.S is a leading business consulting company offering a range of services to our clients in Canada and internationally. We specialize in market research, new business ventures and opportunity matching.
Our clients rely on us for their support whether it is for consular services, meeting arrangements or internal restructure. We have qualified Project Managers involved in assisting our clients in their multinational projects.

Educational Services

T.I.S has been offering education and training services since 2006. Our students have been comprised from individual students looking for higher studies in Canada to a group of trainees sponsored by a government entity. Our programs and services are diverse in the essence that they are tailored to each individual needs.

Our partnerships with several institutes, colleges and companies give us the flexibility which include:

About TIS

T.I.S Technology Inc. A Canadian Company incorporated federally. We are a specialized professional company with proven history in providing our international clients the assistance they need. T.I.S are grounded in helping Public Sector and private organizations better serve their stakeholders — members, citizens, providers, employers — through developing technology and business solutions that are scalable and robust.

Great Customer Support fast! By phone: +1 (343) 887-5333,   by email: support@tisinc.ca