What We Do..

With our local presence and representation, we provide direct contact with our clients and full understanding of the market and situation. We are prepared to meet and provide our services. Our vision is to provide solutions for each problem. T.I.S offers sound solutions and expertise in the area of enterprise architectures, business information systems and integration. T.I.S is available as a strategic partner for achieving new goals such as the alignment of IT to dynamic business environment. In addition to development services in the area of ERP and corporate systems we offer project-related consulting services in the areas of project, quality and risk management. T.I.S can help you establish an internationally recognized, stable IT strategy in your company, based on real projects.

Data Management

Data quality is majorly affected by the way the details are entered, managed and stored. We deliver a complete spectrum of data quality management services across diverse industry verticals and niches, supporting clients around the world in maintaining an accurate, complete and up-to-date database.
From cleansing inaccurate entries, de-duplicating repeated data, standardizing values to periodically updating the details, our data quality management service comprise of them all..

System Integration

Combining data from many different sources into one system or application makes life easier for everyone. Particularly in industries that touch people on a daily basis, it is critical to have information systems that are fully connected. In our data-hungry world, technology projects will just keep getting larger and more ambitious. Wherever there’s the need to improve services, migrate systems to the cloud, strengthen security or utilize advanced analytics, projects will increase in complexity.

Server Consolidation

T.I.S analyzes your current IT infrastructure, utilizes industry best practices, gathers and integrates your business objectives, and then plans and implements your strategic server consolidation. Through a physical consolidation, remote/branch office and business unit servers are moved into a centralized data center where a single physical server is configured to host multiple virtual machine (VM) instances. This consolidation improves management and strengthens business resilience..

Consulting Services

We have expertise in developing the latest, most innovative technologies, using proven software methodologies and best practices in IT solutions. Our consultants have extensive experience in developing application software for a wide variety of business sectors and government sector as well. Our business and technical professionals are certified in all the relevant technologies used for Application Development.

Project Management

Put your projects on the track to success with T.I.S Project Management. Bringing superior leadership and technical understanding, our project managers reduce your risk of failure, increase project efficiency and cut costs. Our team has the experience and foresight to anticipate pitfalls and technical issues before your project even begins to ensure your project goals are met as planned.

Risk Management

Risk Management allows organizations to improve the quality of project management practices and governance from the decision to invest to final delivery of project outcomes. Risk management promotes dialog between all stakeholders and sponsors and supports realistic approaches, plans, and project estimates. When implementing or improving Risk Management, you need to consider the organization’s/project’s risk management maturity, processes, etc.