Application Development

Reliable application software is essential to any organization, yet there are many factors that can prevent these solutions from functioning smoothly. Things like interoperability, data migration, and security are all highly necessary components to be considered, which only an experienced application software provider would know.

We have expertise in developing the latest, most innovative technologies, using proven software methodologies and best practices in IT solutions. Our consultants have extensive experience in developing application software for a wide variety of business sectors and government sector as well. Our business and technical professionals are certified in all the relevant technologies used for Application Development.

BI & Data Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) that is derived from relevant Data Analytics is crucial these days to all organizations – whether public or private, large, mid-size or small. Yet challenges such as successful data integration, volume of data, and availability of the right skill sets can hinder an organization’s ability to gain access to the critical business intelligence needed to make the right strategic decisions.

We can help to alleviate these challenges. Our highly experienced Technical Director, along with our skilled Business Analysts, Systems and Database Administrators, and Developers have many years in business intelligence standards and design, platforms, reporting, and big data analytics.

Database Management

Database management faces many challenges, which are increasingly on the rise with the proliferation of data coming from so many different sources today. Incoming data may be either structured or unstructured, but it all needs to be integrated and managed wisely for optimal use. Our database managers, administrators, and developers are experienced in relational database management systems such as Oracle, MS-SQL, Oracle, DB2, and Sybase

We provide open-source database management solutions that enable DBAs to incorporate flexible, high-performing, scalable technology at low costs

We provide a full range of database management solutions, from relational databases for enterprises, to limited, stand-alone NoSQL only solutions, to specialized extensions

Infrastructure Design & Deployment

To optimize your organization’s ability to conduct business efficiently, your infrastructure has to meet the needs of every single user that depends on it. The knowledgeable technology experts at T.I.S design and deploy solid, functional infrastructures to solve the workflow, storage, or security problems your organization may be facing.

  • We have highly skilled technologists and infrastructure development resources dedicated to helping project teams plan, acquire, receive, and then make operational all the technology needed for the project
  • The business infrastructure is designed to provide support for many of the common processes found throughout the enterprise including security, workflow, and integration tools
  • Our business infrastructure tools include a rules infrastructure, workflow, search, calendaring/scheduling, and correspondence management
  • Technical infrastructure services include adapters, EAI connectors, web services, security management, auditing, and multi-channel access

Management Consulting

Management consulting can isolate and identify activities they are doing that might be counter-productive and suggest constructive solutions to these problems. The manager can be confident that the feedback is objective, and only meant to facilitate more effective performance. Our management consultations are individually tailored to each client’s situation, delivering effective, lasting results.

T.I.S's experienced management consultants will help your organization to:

  • Develop a strategy with help from our Certified Management Consultants (CMCs)
  • Achieve business transformation and organizational change management (OCM)
  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity
  • Perform business and IT Assessment and Recovery