Data Center Virtualization

T.I.S enables organizations to get more out of existing resources and reduce data center costs by reducing physical infrastructure and improving server-to-admin ratio. Increased availability of hardware and applications improves business continuity. Operational flexibility allows response to change with dynamic resource management, faster server provisioning, and improved desktop and application deployment.

T.I.S VMware® and Microsoft® certified Virtualization Services include:

  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Systems Development
  • Installation and Implementation
  • Migration
  • Orchestration
  • Monitoring
  • Procurement
  • Technical Support
  • Enterprise Storage Integration

T.I.S Virtualization Services enable organizations to:

  • Get more out of existing resources
  • Reduce datacenter costs
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity
  • Gain operational flexibility and efficiency
  • Maximum uptime of the crucial IT services your organization depends on and the mobility your constituency demands

Server Consolidation

T.I.S analyzes your current IT infrastructure, utilizes industry best practices, gathers and integrates your business objectives, and then plans and implements your strategic server consolidation. Through a physical consolidation, remote/branch office and business unit servers are moved into a centralized data center where a single physical server is configured to host multiple virtual machine (VM) instances. This consolidation improves management and strengthens business resilience. Through virtualization, workloads are optimized allowing organizations to intelligently manage server resource allocation based on workload demands.

Server Consolidation services include:

  • Analysis and Strategy
  • Architecture and Validation
  • Design and Implementation

Through Server Consolidation, organizations benefit on many levels:

  • Significantly reduced hardware, operating, and administrative costs translate to maximized ROI
  • Efficient new server and application deployme
  • Agility for expansion and growth
  • Ease of management and flexibility for workload assignment

Directory Migration

As departments deploy more enterprise-level solutions, they require an extensible user directory such as Microsoft Active Directory. The Microsoft® certified System Engineers have proven expertise in the migration of existing user directories, such as Novell Directory, to Microsoft Active Directory. Our consultants and engineers adhere to industry and vendor-specific best practices and are trained and certified in the latest migration technologies.

Directory Migration services entail:

  • Migration planning
  • Installation, upgrade, and optimization of Active Directory infrastructure
  • Expert level technical support during transition


Benefits of well-implemented Directory Migration provide organizations with:

  • Minimum user disruption
  • Improved and more flexible authentication
  • Single sign on
  • Authentication of external partners and customers to designated resources
  • Improved organization efficiencies
  • Improved security through best practices and greater granularity
  • Improved directory backup and restore, including restore of discrete elements
  • Increased ease of management